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You Do Something to Me

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Patrick VW - vocals
Pierre Grill - accordion, drums
Alika Lyman - bass
Emmett Mahoney - guitars
Duane Padilla - violin
Rusty Higgins - clarinet
Recorded by Pierre Grill, Patrick VW
Mixed by Al Schmitt

You Do Something to Me Sample
You Do Something to Me Sample

Although this is an old song, I don't recall hearing it until I hear the terrific version done by Bryan Ferry, the glam crooner from Britain. Although he was a famous rocker from the 1970s on, he loves jazz and made a great record in the 1990s that included this song. It is too cool.

So. Being a wanna be Bryan Ferry junior I started singing this song. I could not sing it in the key he did and so dropped it a few octaves (well, steps) and got comfortable singing it my way.

One of the great joys that I have been having in singing these songs has been to find the key that works for me and then crafting the song to fit my vocal range and style. It has been an interesting exercise - and I've been learning a lot.

I recorded a few versions of this and knew that it was getting better each time. I really wanted this song to be on SWANKY because it fit so well. So, after we had recorded all the songs and all the overdubs - I decided to give it one more try.

I went into Pierre Grills studio with Emmett Mahoney on guitar and Alika Lyman on bass and Pierre on accordion. We messed around with it for a while and - bingo - we got a pretty neat version that I liked and thought sounded like my own.

I met Emmett through Sonny Silva and the Hot Club of Hulaville and had wanted to record with him for a few years and we had always missed each other on the last few CDs. I have played and sung with him many times, along with the Hot Club and at various jams. He played a great hot club sound and we doubled it right away.

Alika Lyman is another wonderful musician from Honolulu and he plays bass, guitar (and many other instruments.) He nailed the bass and made it lock in.

Pierre took us to France on the accordion and we were set. I then called the maestro Duane Padilla to play violin on it. Before he played I told him that I was going to add Rusty Higgins on clarinet - so please leave a little space for him. Pierre laughed and said I had my own klezmer band and I did.

Duane did a few tracks that fit right in with Pierres accordion. I pieced a nice track together and then brought it back to California to record Rusty on clarinet.

Now, here's another treat. Rusty is a seasoned L.A. studio cat who plays beautifully and he listened once or twice and then laid down the perfect track that really glued this whole thing together. He added little harmony licks and pads that complimented the other guys. I was blown away. When I played it for Pierre and Duane - they flipped and loved how it came out.

So now I had the final song for the CD. When Al Schmitt mixed it - he made it sound wonderful - like it belonged on the CD. It was the last mix of the day and a great way to finish.

VWPC-13-004-M.mp3: You Do Something To Me; 3:03

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