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Deciphering Hamlets Mill MP3 Instant Download

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Walter Cruttenden

Hamlets Mill by co-authors Giorgio de Santillana (Chair of the History of Science at MIT) and Hertha von Dechend (Frankfurt University) set off a firestorm of controversy when it was published in 1969. Its scholarly authors suggest that myth and folklore are an archaic scientific language developed by a deeply intelligent people. Some of their findings suggest that knowledge of precession dates to prehistoric times and its workings affect the rise and fall of the ages. This presentation looks at the mythology and some of the archaeology, as described in Hamlets Mill, and how this information relates to the age-old search for meaning and Self realization.

Walter Cruttenden is a history theorist involved in the study of ancient myth, folklore and megalithic structures for the purpose of determining the science and character of the higher ages. As Director of the Binary Research Institute he researches the celestial mechanics of the precession of the equinox, as well as myth and folklore related to this phenomenon. He is the writer-producer of The Great Year, an award winning PBS broadcast documentary film (narrated by James Earl Jones) that explores evidence of astronomical cycles of time known to cultures throughout the ancient world. Cruttenden is also the author of Lost Star of Myth and Time, a book that provides an alternative view of history based on the solar systems motion through space. It is his belief that the myth and folklore depicting a repeating cycle of Golden Ages and Dark Ages may have a basis in fact, due to the alternating stellar forces that affect Earth moves through space. Walter started the Conference on Precession and Ancient Knowledge (CPAK) to bring together like minded authors, scientists and independent researchers to explore the character and nature of ancient cultures with the hope of better understanding our history -- and the goal of making a better future.


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