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Rat Eating Crud on the Whorehouse Steps MP3

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Patrick von Wiegandt Electric slide guitar

Recorded and mixed by PVW


Rat Eating Crud on the Whorehouse Steps MP3 Sample

(and other love songs?)

Well, this is a ratty little piece of music isn't it?

Many years ago, I had an apartment on 31st street in Manhattan, first floor. It was a wonderful block in between, Lexington and Park avenue. With all sorts of odd things going on there including a whore house right across the street from my window. (Also, a lady who used to iron her clothes topless in front of the window of another apartment, but that's another story.)

One night, my friend, Steve was sitting at the window watching the action coming and going from the whorehouse. At one point he picked up a small piece of wood in my apartment and said, Can I use this? I asked what for.

His exact words were, There's a big black rat eating a lump of crud on the whorehouse steps.

He threw the wood and the rat scurried away... But his legend lives on.

A few months ago... 2011... I was noodling on this piece of music on an electric guitar with a slide. It sounded cheesy, ratty... a thunderbolt hit me (figuratively, not really) and I thought ...RAT EATING CRUD ON THE WHOREHOUSE STEPS!

So, there it is. I don't ask for these epiphanies... they just show up... and then, I get to share them with you...(and my shrink, parole officer and pharmacist)


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