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Political Science MP3

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(Randy Newman)

Political Science Sample

Patrick VW vocals, bass

Dennis OHanlon - drums

Scott Lange electric guitar

Bill Svarda - piano, trombone

Ron King - trumpet

Glenn Garrett clarinet

And the Boom Boom Babes chorus line:

Marilyn Suchie Simon - bg vocals

Julia Hoochie Coochie VW- bg vocals

Carla Von - bg vocals

Queen Kristine Bucar - bg vocals

Tertia "Big Mama" Mendoza - bg vocals

Josephine Titweiler - bg vocals

Dorothy Lipschitz - bg vocals

Recorded By: Patrick VW, Pierre Grill

Mixed by Pierre Grill


What can I say? I like Randy Newman. He's a genius and very funny. This song came from the great album, SAIL AWAY, that he did in the early 1970's. I started playing this song at parties right away.

A lot of people didn't get it then and still don't. I even had a politically correct musician friend who would not play on it thinking that I was advocating blowing up the world, Iraq, he hated Presdient Bushwhatever..blah blah blah. Well, what can I say ?

Ok then, here's how this one happened.

I asked Bill Svarda and Dennis OHanlon to come into the studio and we cut bass, drums and piano right away. I then sang a few vocal tracks and we used that for the rest of the overdubs. I called a friend, Scott Lange and he came over and played the electric guitar. It fit right in.

Bill then called a few horn player friends of his in and we recorded trombone, clarinet and trumpet in the Dixieland sound. I remember that we put the guys in the hallway of the office building and cut a few takes. For the intro, I asked them to make weird noises on their horns like machine guns and bombs and just general mayhem. You don't hear that kind of noise often. It sounded weird, goofy and fun so I kept it. They had fun making noise.

Now, it was really taking shape and it was very different than Randy Newman's version. His was much more orchestral in his wonderful style.

I then called my former wife, Marilyn, our daughter, Julia, my sister, Carla and a few other friends, Kris Bucar and Tertia Mendoza and a few special guest singers.

Marilyn and I had met a hundred years earlier (when we were young, thin and beautiful) when I got my first job in show biz. I was an assistant (slave) to my uncle Artie in a traveling Broadway show called This Was Burlesque. Marilyn was one of the stars of the show (no, not a stripper.... But.....ah, never mind.) She was the blonde chorus girl who danced out of step, blew bubble gum and sang in the chorus with the squealy chorus girl sound like they sang in the movie Chicago. They were called the Burly Cuties.

Pat, Marilyn, Julia Photo

So. I told Marilyn my idea for the ending chorus of this song and she immediately got it and translated that to the the other girls. I mean, how hard can it be to sing "boom goes Bagdad and boom Paree" in a squeaky voice ? Well, they got the idea and had a lot of fun doing it. I was thrilled.

I changed a few of the words around and said "boom goes Bagdad" instead of "boom goes London" since it was the time of the Iraq war. I also made a very goofy video of this and it is still hidden in the vaults. I may release it and put it on Youtube. I actually gave a copy of the video to Randy Newman at a Grammy event when I met him not long after that. Well, he didn't hit me or sue I guess he never listened to it.

I let the song sit around for a few years and brought it out for this CD. It seemed to fit. I re-sang the lead vocals and mixed it with Pierre. It's still a timely piece and fun and still politically incorrect.

So, just in case you don't get it and think I want to blow up the world.... take a chill pill, relax. It's a put on a joke.

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