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Cosmology of the Dogon (Scranton) / Secrets of the Megaliths (Henry) MP3 Instant Download

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The Dogon, an outwardly primitive African tribe from modern-day Mali, preserve a detailed cosmology in ancient form, cast in the themes, symbols and story lines of the classic world mythologies, and couched in the clearest of modern terms, yet expressed using ancient Egyptian words. The cosmology is founded on an aligned ritual shrine that takes the same form and evokes the same symbolism as a Buddhist stupa, and culminates in a religious tradition that expresses itself through many of the signature rituals of Judaism, such as the wearing of skull caps and prayer shawls, the practice of circumcision, and the celebration of a Jubilee year. This presentation is an introduction to a pivotal culture that appears to stand at the very crossroads of ancient knowledge.

Laird Scranton, a software designer from Albany, New York, is the author of two books on African and Egyptian cosmology and language. His focus is on the study of comparative cosmology, which is the study of the classic myths, symbols, deities, cosmological concepts, rituals and words of various ancient and modern cultures. His emphasis is on defining fundamental similarities between the cosmologies of the modern-day Dogon tribe of Mali, ancient Egypt, and Buddhism. These studies have culminated in a new symbolic approach to interpreting Egyptian hieroglyphic words that is based on words and definitions drawn from comparative cosmology, rather than the traditional comparative texts of the Rosetta Stone. His articles include three Dogon-related topics in Temple Universitys forthcoming Encyclopedia of African Religion, and a recent article in support of Marcel Griaules Dogon cosmology in the University of Chicago's academic journal Anthropology News.

For thousands of years our ancestors have sought out places of natural, geologically-concentrated electromagnetic energy and often built enormous megalithic structures there. The same spots were also prized for their effects on the psyche, and some remain active vision quest sites to this day. Learn about the psychic effects of certain geological structures which magnify natural electromagnetic energies by several hundred percent, how they effect your brain, where you can visit some of these sites today in the U.S. and elsewhere, and how you can locate new ones, perhaps quite near your home.


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