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If I Didn't Care

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Ginai - vocals
Patrick VW - vocals
Lee Spath - drums
Richard Simon - bass
Harry Donahue - piano
Fred Sokolow - guitar
Nick Mancini - vibes
Recorded and Mixed by Al Schmitt

If I Didn't Care Sample
If I Didn't Care Sample

This is another song that I don't remember growing up with but I fell in love with it the moment I heard it. I was watching the fun movie about the 1930s called Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day and the song is the climax of the love scene between the girl and the guy.

Amy Adams sang it beautifully and it made me cry (well, maybe I got a little misty.) I knew I wanted to sing this and record it.

So.. I did my usual and listened to a few versions, including the Ink Spots great version and started messing around with it. I wanted to do it faster than Amy Adams version. Don't laugh - I know our version is slow - but her version is really slow. She does a duet with the piano player (who loves her) and they get lovey dovey and all weepy. It's pathetic and totally sappy but wonderful.

I knew that I wanted to do a duet with Ginai. We have a "beauty (her) and the beast (guess who) type of duet style and I knew it could be magical if we got into it.

I brought the song to Harry Donahue and knew that he would take it to dreamyville - or something like that. I think the song was new to him also and he loved it and captured the feeling I was trying to get. We rehearsed a few times before we recorded and felt that we had a good grip on it.

I then rehearsed it with Giani the day before we went into Capitol and we both loved what we were doing.

So the next day we were cutting the tracks at Capitol and it was fun, festive magical day with lot's of friends and musicians in the studio and control room. Ginai was there and was loving all of it and very supportive. She flew in from Hawaii for this session (along with Pierre and Duane) and said there was no place that she'd rather be. I was blown away and could not believe my luck.

We had just cut 2 songs and then I asked her to join me on this one. Al Schmitt put us both in the same vocal booth and we faced each other as we sang. The band played it a few times and we were all in a trance. I have recorded many sessions and have never quite had the feeling that we had while we recording this. Bassist Richard Simon and drummer, Lee Spath gave the song this hypnotic pulse and Harrys mesmerizing piano and Fred Sokolows guitar just had us all floating. It felt wonderful. We cut about 3 or 4 versions and got a great take. Al said come in to the control room and listen. I could have stayed out there and recorded it a few more times it felt so good.

We all went in and listened and loved it. Ginai and I were very happy with our vocals. It was a dream to sing to her and have her sing to me

I then added Nick Mancini on vibes and he really took us into a deeper trance. This song just floats. He does the first half of the solo and then lets the piano take over.

I had tried a sax on it at one point because the song was so sexy and I was hoping that we could make it sound really sensual with the sax - but it seemed to intrude on it and so we left it with the vibes and piano doing the solos and that worked well.

Another wonderful part of this song is the interplay between Fred's guitar and Harry on piano. They were complimenting each others lines throughout the entire piece. . I can listen to this song over and over and I'm still not tired of it. Wow.

VWPC-13-005-M.mp3: If I Didnt Care; 3:30

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