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I Feel Good When I Feel Bad MP3

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(Patrick von Wiegandt)

I Feel Good When I Feel Bad Sample

Patrick VW vocals, bass, electric guitar

Julia VW vocals (mom, shrink)

Pierre Grill drums

Duane Padilla violin

Kip von Wiegandt harmonica

Benoit Weber piano

And the Downer BG chorus:
Julia VW, Kip VW, Patrick VW
Pierre Grill, Duane Padilla

Recorded By: Pierre Grill, Patrick VW

Mixed by Pierre Grill


I made up the chorus one day when I heard these people complaining in a grocery store. They were whining as though they were going to win an award for being so miserable. I have heard countless people bragging about they're being victims and how shitty their lives are or just general bitching and moaning about anything. I have fallen down those rabbit holes myself -- too many times to count.

So, this is a fun poke at all of us (except those of you who never whine or complain... you know who you are.)

I had recorded a few versions of this but it really came together on day when I invited my brother Kip, to come join us in the studio and play his blues harmonica on this. He is a really good player and he connected with the song right away. This being his first time recording with us, he was a bit nervous, but he was clearly having a blast and we were all having fun with him. I played acoustic guitar and sang, Kip was on harmonica, Pierre played drums and Duane Padilla played the violin. It was an odd combo but we all got into it and got a great take after a few tries. Kip then added his solo track and I added a bass. Then I asked the other 3 guys to do the shout sing a long on the chorus with me and we added a few tracks of that. We knew that we had an instant classic on our hands (well, I did even though I'm very humble about it.)

I then added some electric guitars and got my friend Benoit Weber to play the hot piano licks. I brought it back to L.A. and asked my daughter to sing the part of the mother and the shrink and she nailed it. She also added some background vocals in the shout chorus, which I now called the Downer Chorus.

Pierre and I mixed it a few different times at his place and he made it shine. I'm very happy with this piece. It's a lot of fun to play this one live and the audience sometimes sings along on the chorus you can toocome on feel bad...feel good.

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