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Idiot Blues MP3

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(Aimee Donahue, Patrick von Wiegandt)

Idiot Blues Sample

Aimee Donahue lead and bg vocals

Patrick VW lead and bg vocals, bass, acoustic guitar, slide guitar

Bill Champlin bg vocals, organ

Pierre Grill drums

Duane Padilla - violin

Recorded By: Pierre Grill, Patrick VW

Mixed by: Pierre Grill


Well, it ain't often that you come up with a song called Idiot Blues. It was also called Am I An Idiot ?

Bill, Pat Photo

Here's the skinny. Aimee Donahue and I had been working on a few different pieces for a yoga type or meditation CD. (no, being an idiot is not part of that sound.) She is a yoga instructor and a very talented musician. And we ain't idiots ok ?

On this particular day, we were both in kind of a whiney or in a dopey mood and were stumbling along in the studio. I think I erased a master track of something too. It was not one of my better days. Aimee was explaining something to me and could barely get the words out correctly... and... I being the artiste that I am just hit a big fat E chord and sang along with her babble. It went something like "I can't even talk today, my tounge's tied don't know what to say, am I an idiot?"

Need I say more? Of course not, but I will. In the words of Shakespeare "this shit writes itself." Well, the idiotic song wrote itself, right before our very ears and eyes. I particularly liked her "barometric pres - sure line." As that other great writer Charles Dickens would say "you don't hear shit like that often."

Out of shame - we hid it away in a vault for a few years and one day, while I was looking around for a few more songs for this CD I unearthed it and it sounded... well... you know... interesting.

So, I went to Pierre, the enabler, again and we cut an acoustic guitar track and drums and I sang like an idiot. I then added a bass track with my acoustic bass that he plugs in and gets a great amp sound on. It was big. The track sounded really good. I called Duane Padilla and asked him to do his violin magic and he took the song to another level. I asked him to cut loose and his motivation could be idiocy.

Back at my place, I was noodling around with a slide guitar and tried a few takes on the song and I liked how it sat in the track. When I played it for a few people they thought it worked. Nothing fancy, just slithering around.

I brought all of this back to Aimee and she was impressed (which relieved me since I hate doing a lot of work on a song and then have the co-writer not happy with it.) Anyway, we started cutting vocal tracks and did it a few times. (oh, true to the song, I also erased some tracks that we wanted to keep.) Am I an idiot ?

We finally got the vocals in a way we liked and I asked Bill Champlin to join in on the background vocals. He and Aimee had fun and got a few good tracks and I added a low track. Bill then pointed to the organ and said let me try something. Wow ! He glued the whole track together with this very cool, jazzy, soulful, non idiotic organ track. The magic struck again. There was nothing left to add. Just leave this genius piece of music alone. Oh, but he did manage to hurt my feeling at the end of the song with his ad lib. You'll have to listen to hear this piece of cruelty.

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