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God Is God MP3

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God Is God


(Steve Earle)

God Is God Sample

Julia von Wiegandt: vocals

Patrick VW: vocals, citern, Irish bouzouki, acoustic & electric guitars

Dennis O'Hanlon: acoustic guitars

Recorded & Mixed By: Patrick VW

Well, this is another magical story. (I know I have used that word a lot, but I don't know how else to describe all that has happened during this project.) And this is probably the most magical story of the CD. (until the next one.)

My friend, Georgiana, asked me if I liked Joan Baez and I said not really, never went for her style. She then said listen to this and played GOD IS GOD. I was blown away! I could not stop listening to it. The lyrics, the music, the style, the feel everything. It put me into a trance. I knew that this was a deep song, written from deep within the soul and that it had made a profound effect on the writer and Joan Baez too.

I went home, downloaded it and learned it right away and started playing it. I had just finished recording all the music for this CD -- but I knew that I had to add this song. It was from Heaven.

I asked my friend Dennis to record some tracks and he did and sent them to me from his studio in Washington. They felt good, but not great for me, and he sang a terrific version too.

I started recording this song every day for about 10 days straight. I tried all kinds of instruments and arrangements, but nothing felt right. I brought in a few great players and they happily played what I asked but it all felt forced. I was trying to imitate the Joan Baez/Steve Earle version and it was not right.

I then just played a simple acoustic guitar and sang in my Leonard Cohen von Wiegandt soft, raspy kind of sound and laid a track down. My daughter, Julia, came by and heard it and said, "What is that?" I told her that it was me and I told her the story. I asked if I should put it on the CD. She said absolutely ! I then asked her if she would try to sing a very high soft, whisper track. She said I've only heard the song once dad. Oh!

We listened a few more times and she did a few tracks. I had never her heard her sing this way. She sounded like an angel. It was magic. I cried.

We let it sit for a few days. Everybody who we played it for said it worked. The combination of her sweet voice and my rougher voice gave it a special feel. We recorded the voices again a few days later and I kept messing with it until it felt right.

Here's the real heavenly part. I had wanted Julia to be on this CD, but nothing was really there for her to do and I had accepted that she would not be on it. I had no clue that this song would come into my life and I really had no clue that she would sing on it. And I never had a clue at all that she could or would sing like this. Of course, I'm her proud father, but I also love that GOD sent this song into our lives and that we were able to share it and record it like we did.

I have played it for a few people and they cried. (Sorry, don't mean to make you cry, but I also get emotionally overwhelmed with certain pieces and this is definitely one of them.)

I have listened to Joan Baez talk about her take on this song and it had a big effect on her too. I read more about Steve Earle and his very interesting life and it sounds like he had a big wake up call. It is a wonderful song about recovery. Amen.

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