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Dublin Aloha MP3

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Dublin Aloha


(Patrick von Wiegandt)

Dublin Aloha Sample

Patrick VW: Irish bouzouki, bass, shaker

Dennis O'Hanlon: acoustic guitars, shaker

Bill Svarda: drums

Duane Padilla: fiddle

Edie Murphy: fiddle

Ron DePalma: mandolin

Recorded By: Patrick VW

Mixed by Pierre Grill

I was working in Ireland a few years ago and got to spend a few extra days goofing around Dublin. I had been there before and loved it. It's a great city with a lot of wonderful music.

One of my friends lives there, so he took me to lunch and we walked around shopping and stopped in this big music store. I saw this Irish Bouzouki (like a really big mandolin with a long neck) and started playing it. I found a little riff that sounded fun and my pal called it incapable blues. We wandered around all day humming incapable blues.

I bought the instrument and when I got back to the hotel, I kept working on the riff and it was sounding more Hawaiian to me so I called it Dublin Aloha.

I kept playing it for a few months and finally recorded a few different versions of it.

My friend Bill Svarda came over and programmed a drum track and I laid down the bouzouki, bass and shaker right away. Edie Murphy came in and played some fiddle tracks that I used in the background in the last part of the song and they just felt great.

A while later, I was visiting my friend Dennis O'Hanlon, in Washington, and he played an acoustic guitar and another shaker track. I then added Duane Padilla on fiddle and the song really took off. Now it's really sounding like Nashville Aloha to me, so I called another great player, Ron Depalma, and he came and played the wonderful mandolin track with a bit of a Greek twist in the solo so now I'm really confused.

So, aloha y'all from Dublin I think.

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