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Complete Heal Your Love CD

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Heal Your Love

Complete Heal Your Love CD tracks 1—7 of Heal Your Love, Mindful Christian Meditation, by Georgiana Lotfy. The individual tracks may also be purchased as MP3 downloads:

This meditation prayer selection was a gift from God, through me to you. While I was recovering at home from a medical issue, I listened to work I had done on this cd project the previous year. I had not had the time or energy to work on it until that moment, ill and exhausted on medical leave from my work in April, 2011. As I listened, I prayed that I might open to God’s guidance. I believe that God worked through me to create these meditation prayers. As I listen, God continues to heal the dark spaces in my life.

As the cd became complete, I gave the demo to several people to listen and respond with feedback. I would like to share some of their comments:

“I have a heart of forgiveness since I listened to these prayers. I had incredible joy in me, like being at a retreat after listening to this.” Melissa, prayer participant
“I was very receptive to this; it calmed me down and got me focused, being comfortable in the present moment. And I loved the music background.” Susan, graphic designer
“The passages of scripture find you, reminds you that God is love.” Eli, educator, artist
“Soothing voice and music filled me. It brought me great peace, I have received healing.” MaryAnne, writer
“It helps me calm down after work” Robert, retail store manager
“Give this cd to anyone who needs stress relief.” Paul, business owner
“Holy Spirit was rocking in Georgiana when she made this.” Barb, Faith & Justice leader
“I played it for my elderly dad who has dementia and he clamed down and rested with the soothing voice and music,” Fran, workshop leader.
“I fall asleep to it, and I have a really hard time sleeping, so I love it” Mark, sleepy friend.

What’s it all about?

Mindfulness is an awareness of the breath that stills the mind into the sacred, present moment with God. I have studied meditation for many years. In the Christian tradition, meditation has roots dating to the early Christian monks, the Desert Father and Mothers. As a Christian, I realized that by praying in this meditative way, I was better able to listen to the truth of Jesus in Gods word. Even in times of despair and confusion, I was drawn closer to His loving spirit. My faith was renewed.

In the busyness of life, allow these meditation prayers to manifest a calm spirit and joy of Jesus’ love and guidance. Scripture readings are within each selection, as truth from the source of all truth.

I invite you to listen intently for the Holy Spirit speaking in the meditative prayers, and as we enter each prayer:

Be still and know that I am God
Be still and know that I am,
Be still and know
Be still

About me:

Georgiana Lofty

Although the cd is really about you and your relationship with God, a little about me:

I am a Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, and teacher who has worked in a spiritual context, with children, individuals and couples, for over twenty years. I facilitate meditation workshops. I love helping people lead happier fulfilled lives as God created for us. I hold a Masters in Psychology and a Doctorate in Ministry.

Georgiana Lotfy can be reached at

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