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Bradda Bradda MP3

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(Patrick von Wiegandt)

Bradda Bradda Sample

Patrick VW -- vocals (well, pure poetry, really), bass, acoustic, electric guitar & slide guitar, tambourine

Kip von Wiegandt -- harmonica

Dennis OHanlon -- drums

Georgiana Lotfy -- tambourine

Mike Couchois -- rim job, wood block

Jeff Lingle -- clave

Recorded By: Dennis OHanlon, Patrick VW, Pierre Grill

Mixed by Pierre Grill

Bradda, Bradda

This started as a little riff in an open E tuning (where I have heard this before?)

I just kept playing it and singing the great poetry "Bradda, bradda, you're my bradda." My classical Shakespearean training was paying off. I thought of my bradda Kip, playing a wicked blues harp to it, so this was really for him.

I went to visit my friends Dennis and Bonnie OHanlon, in Gig Harbor, Washington, for my birthday, a few years ago and we had made plans to record a bunch of songs.

Dennis let me use his big Martin for the acoustic rhythm and he added the perfect drum part. I was singing and grunting along on the acoustic track so there was stuff all over the place. I then got to play Dennis' old Gretsch Country Gentleman electric guitar and we cranked it up and I added the slide licks too. It sounded big. I then added some more of the classic poetry "whoo, oooh, hit it, oh mama, oh papa, oh bradda" and other classic phrases from our rich language. I told Dennis that I was really going to write some lyrics for the piece and he said "don't worry, it's done." He was right (I think he's a literature major also.)

Dennis added a bass track but it was buzzy so I re did it in Los Angeles. I then called in my pal Mike Couchois and he played the rims of his snare drum and we doubled it. I loved it. Our friend, Jeff Lingle was there so he and Mike added the claves and wood block. My friend, Georgiana came over and we played a few tracks of tambourine. This was getting really goofy now. I loved it.

Now, for the Bradda Bradda part. I called my bradda, Kip, and asked him if he wanted to play harmonica on this new song I was working on. He said yes and came over to my place. I set up a mic in my bathroom, ran in a set of headphones and cranked it up. We had never recorded together so it was a new fun experience for him but I think he was a bit surprised when I asked him to play it over and over again. He cut about 5 or 6 tracks and got a bit winded from it. I was pretty pushy and kept asking him to cut another. I knew that I could put it together but I wanted to make sure we got enough good parts to use. I am used to working with studio players who play the same thing over and over and this was new turf for him. He was very gracious and played his heart and lungs out.

I then brought all of this to Pierre again and we mixed it. It sounded very big to me. I was thrilled. When I played it for Kip, he was blown away and was very happy that we'd picked the right harmonica parts. That's him hooting and laughing at the end of the track. So this is for all of braddas.

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