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Anything Goes

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Patrick VW - vocals, cowbell solo
The Ginai Sisters - vocals
Lee Spath - drums
Adrian Rosen - bass
Pierre Grill - piano
Emmett Mahoney - guitars
Duane Padilla - violin
Rusty Higgins - clarinet
Recorded and Mixed by Al Schmitt

Anything Goes Sample
Anything Goes Sample

I'd heard this song my whole life and most versions didn't really impress me. They were always too Broadway sounding for me. (Yes, I do realize that it's a song from a Broadway show - called Anything Goes)

I was watching the movie Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day - and there was a really swinging version played in the movie by the Lew Stone Radio Orchestra, from the 1930's. I was blown away. I could not stop playing it. The arrangement was too cool and just made me want to swing and sing.

So.. I stole it. Well, appropriated it. I loved the whole arrangement and asked my pal, Bill Svarda, to grab the main horn lines and write them into the chord chart for the guys. My plan was to have the clarinet and violin do the same lines that the horn section had done in the Lew Stone version. So it wasn't total theft.

This was the hardest song for us during our tracking session. The intro was done old style - meaning a full verse and chorus and then the song would start about a minute and a half into it. It wasn't jelling and we were all getting tired of it after a while. I almost scuttled the whole thing but pushed them to do a few more takes. (by this time, anybody left in the control room, other than the engineers, were ready to run.) The band played on and got it. We were so worn out over the song that we barley listened to it - and quickly moved to the next one.

By the way, this is one of the downsides of recording and putting an arrangement together on the spot. Most times - like 99 % of the time - the players get into a groove and the whole thing comes together nicely and magic happens. I love when that happens and I always try to set up a session so that the guys have a good chart to work with - but are free enough to make it their own. I am rarely disappointed. Most of the musicians I know like playing this way too since I am not pounding them to play an exact arrangement. It gives them room to play and be creative.

Anyway this was not one of those sessions. It was just a struggle. I was trying to make something happen and I wasn't clear enough and was just hoping that they'd hit the magic jackpot. Oh well, I learned. We got a track.

We added Rusty Higgins on clarinet the next day and I let it sit. I did not want to touch it for a long time. I did not like my vocal and was going down the bad rabbit hole until I finally asked Ginai to come in and sing on it. She came in and did the Ginai sisters - old style background vocals. It was very cool and gave the song a new life. It sounded like the 30's. I re-did my vocal and it worked.

Now - I was still dreading mixing it because it still did not feel right.. until. I woke up around 3 in the morning and had a flash - cut the long intro down. I knew exactly where to edit and I went to the computer, loaded the track and edited it. It worked and saved the song. When I brought it into Al Schmitt to mix it - he didn't have any problems with it and it flowed and sounded better than it had for the last few months. I was very relieved because I really wanted the song on the CD. I hope you like what we have done with this.

Btw.. this is the second song that I lifted from the Miss Pettigrew movie. We also did If I didn't Care. So thanks guys.. good choices.

VWPC-13-009-M.mp3: Anything Goes; 2:30

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