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Ain't Gonna Do the Dishes MP3

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(Marilyn Simon, Julia von Wiegandt, Patrick von Wiegandt)

Ain't Gonna Do the Dishes Sample
Ain't Gonna Do the Dishes Sample 2
YouTube Video

Ginai -- lead vocals

Marilyn Simon -- bg vocals, hand claps

Julia VW -- bg vocals, hand claps

Patrick VW -- vocals, bass, electric and slide guitars

Harry Donahue -- B3 organ

Benoit Weber -- piano

Dennis OHanlon -- drums

Pierre Grill -- drums

Recorded By: Dennis OHanlon, Patrick VW, Jeff Borgeson, Pierre Grill

Mixed by Pierre Grill

Ain't Gonna Do the Dishes

Written by: Marilyn Simon, Julia von Wiegandt, Patrick von Wiegandt

What a fun history this song has. The legend has it that one day, about 30 years ago, my lovely wife, Marilyn, was in the kitchen cleaning up and asked me to help out with the dishes. I being the artiste that I am, was sitting on the couch playing guitar, and instead of helping, I thought I'd be creative... so... I just started a riff and sang "Oh mama, aint gonna do the dishes no more." Our perfect daughter, Julia and her perfect little friend, Morgan, were playing around the house and they thought I was brilliant -- and immediately got into the action (kids are good at exploiting family insanity -- they're naturals) and they got very literal with the lyrics. So, when I sang "take the pots and pans and throw them on the floor." Well, it just got better from there and soon the house was a real hell hole complete with pots and pans and laundry on the living room floor (you'll have to listen to the deep poetry in the song to figure how that all happened.) Of course, the kids wanted to play and sing the song everyday because trashing a home is much more fun than cleaning a home -- as some of you may know.

Feeling like I need to save this gem -- I went into the studio and recorded a version of the song and it sat there for about 25 years. Our daughter never learned to clean the house or dishes and still throws all of her pots and pans out the door and has giant piles of laundry on the floor...well, you know... She needs a lot of therapy now but she sure loves that song.

I digress... Anyway... I started playing around with the song a few years ago and a few people actually thought if was funny and liked it -- so I asked my daughter to help me rewrite and fix up the lyrics. She had to climb out from under a pile of laundry and come over to my clean, sparkling house.

We pondered, yes pondered. What would happen if a couple did not clean the dishes and laundry and house... and then didn't shave or clean etc... well, you can see how intellectual we got -- and we came up with the new classic poetry. We ran it by Marlilyn and she liked it. So, now, I wanted to record it again.

I cut the drums and acoustic guitar track at Dennis OHanlons studio in Gig Harbor and then brought it back to L.A where I added a bass, electric and slide guitar. I got very excited playing the slide and thought I was channeling the great player David Lindley (check him out, amazing.) When I played it for a few friends they really liked it. Next, I went to my pal Harry Donahues home and asked him to play the B3 organ, and he nailed it right away -- but he didn't feel it was so great -- so I just let it sit for a while. I then asked Benoit Weber to play piano and went over to his place in Palolo, Hawaii to capture that. He got it right away and played a few great tracks of fun boogie type piano. Now this track was really shaping up.

I knew that Marilyn and Julia would do the background vocals, just like they had a long time ago. They made the song. So, they came over and we had a blast. They sang a few tracks and also did the hand claps. A very strange thing also happened that day (why not?) I never wear black and I don't recall seeing either Marilyn or Julia in black... so... yes, we all looked like friends of Johnny Cash in our black clothes. See the picture. We thought it was very cosmic (what can you expect from people who are singing about dirty dishes?)

Now, for the final piece of the 30 year puzzle. I called my dear friend and wonderful singer, Ginai, and asked her if she would like to record the tracks with me. We had done this live a few times at events and we had a lot of fun with it and the crowd liked it too. So we went to Pierre Grills studio and sang 3 or 4 takes and just cut loose. We were making up all kinds of crazy shit as we were doing it. It felt great and we hugged and kissed and said thanks. She is a joy to work with and always makes me sound better.

I then edited the vocals and tracks and got them into shape to mix. Back to Pierres and we mixed it. I was thrilled -- gee, it only took 30 years to get it right.

When it was finished, I gave it to my friend, Georgiana and she said she would make a video of it. She really captured the fun and the spirit of it. She posted it on Youtube and Facebook and people are having fun with it. You can share it too if you wish.

The fun part is I am getting notes and calls from people who are singing "aint gonna do the trash no more" "aint gonna clean the basement no more" aint gonna do the taxes... walk the dog etc... no more" One friend said it's the slackers anthem. Well, there's some notoriety for you.

So, keep those old tapes and writings and ideas because you never know what can happen with this stuff. Now, I have to go clean the dishes... nah...

PVW 4/18/12

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