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VW Tapes Conference Recording/von Wiegandt Productions provides full-service audio recording and video recording for your conference, convention, seminar, expo, and any other event, international or national conference. Conference recording and duplication is available on-site and the CDs, MP3s and DVDs are made available for purchase at the conference or convention immediately. We also provide studio recording, remastering and production services. To have us record your next conference send email to: Conference Recording.

Other Sites and Sounds

Sounds of Hawaii

Sounds of Hawaii

Sounds of Hawaii is a five CD set of soothing sounds and relaxing music from the shores of paradise. CD titles include: Peaceful Pokai Bay, Bamboo Rain Forest, Diamond Head Dawn, Nature Sounds and Ocean Sounds of Hawaii. Get a free posters with the order of a full set of the Sounds of Hawaii series.
Listen to samples at Sounds Of Hawaii

Patrick von Wiegandt

Patrick von Weigandt

Patrick is a 30-year veteran of the recording and entertainment industry. He is also a narrator, spokesman, voice over artist, screenwriter, actor and musician. He is a 25-year voting member of The National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences (GRAMMYs), a member of Screen Actors Guild and AFTRA.

Patrick von Wiegandt Web Site


Honolulu Film Co.

Surf Lessons

The Honolulu Film Co. was formed in 2005 by Patrick von Wiegandt for the purpose of creating high-end, independent motion pictures from Hawaii. The first project is titled Surf Lessons, a movie about a former World Champion surfer, who after murdering his brother in a jealous rage seeks redemption by mentoring his nephew, an up and coming surfing champion.

Just Give Me the Chocolate

Just Give Me the Chocolate

Just Give Me the Chocolate is a funny, funny movie about women and chocolate. In short, two chocolate-addicted hotties who would do anything for chocolate and in are desparate need of a chocolate fix, get into truckload of trouble, a media circus trial ensues, and, well, watch the movie to find out what happens.

Julia Valentine

Julia Valentine

Actress, Julia Valentine, SAG, AFTRA, film, theatre and commercial credits, also dancing and singing credits. Dialects include New York, Boston, Southern, Texas, English, Australian, Spanish, Hawaiian, Pidgin, Surfer Girl, and Valley Girl. Talents and activities include piano, voice, dance, girl DJ theater, ski diving, jazz dance, hip hop girl, ballet, rave, volleyball, softball, surfing, roller skating, aerobics, swimming, basketball, boogie boarding, water skiing, jet skiing, wave running and Western horseback. And Yoga!

Kristine Green

Kristine maintains the VW Tapes web site when she isn't hiking, dirt bike riding, playing racquetball, skiing, hiking, trainspotting, or building with LEGOs.

Best of Maui Writers Conference Free!

If you missed the conference, take a peek at this 10th anniversary movie, The Best of the Maui Writers Conference. Watch it on the home page or click here to play: Best of Maui Writers Conference

"Stressed Out? Need To Relax? Download Soothing Sounds of Hawaii Now or Get the CDs. Cheaper than a mai tai and better than a chill pill, cheap booze or TV."
Sounds of Hawaii link

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