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Whiner Blues MP3

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(Patrick von Wiegandt)

Whiner Blues Sample

Patrick VW vocals, acoustic guitar

Bill Champlin bg vocals, organ

Delbi Smart bg vocals

Dennis OHanlon drums, electric guitars

Jeff Borgeson bass, Fender steel guitars

Recorded By: Dennis OHanlon, Patrick VW

Mixed by: Patrick VW


One day I played a chord on the guitar and sang "aint got nothing to whine about, but that won't stop me at all." And away I went. More mockery of the whining culture that we live in. This is the "whining part" of the CD.

Jeff Photo

Ok, I'll whine first. I hate whiners (unless it's me and my legitimate gripes) and this is just a full frontal assault on all of them hopefully in a funny way. I really cannot believe how far our culture has sunk into this seeming constant state of ingratitude and whining. It's pretty sad and somewhat comical. I hear so many people bitching everyday and doing nothing about whatever they bitch about. Me, being the wonderful guy I am, try only to whine about the things I am working on to change.

I was at Dennis OHanlon's studio and we cut the acoustic guitar, vocal and drum track. I then asked Dennis to play a few electric guitar tracks. I love tremelo guitar so I asked him to just strum full chords that would vibrate for a few beats. It worked. I then asked if he would pick the strings individually, arpeggio style, of each chord. We put that on another track and split them left and right. It really brought the song to life.

Jeff Photo

Now the magic struck again. My brother Mike, is a builder in Hawaii (a really good builder very fancy stores, homes etc) One day he called me up and said come over and see what I got out of the trash from a job we are doing. It was a double necked Fender Steel guitar, from the 1950's. I was a bit stunned that somebody would just throw away something this unique but it's an odd world and I know that we all throw out all kinds of stuff that we don't' need or want anymore. My brother let me take it and see if I could get it in working gear. It was pretty rusty and beat up but I when I plugged it in it worked. So, I cleaned it up, got new strings and started to play it.

So I brought it back to L.A Back in Los Angeles. My very good friend, Jeff Borgeson stopped by one day and, as soon as he saw it said "I always wanted to play one of those." So we turned it on and he just started jamming away. He really caught on right away. Jeff is an excellent musician, engineer and producer. We met when we both got to Hollywood in the mid 70's to conquer the music world. I asked him to record a few tracks on WHINER BLUES and he jumped right in. He cut about 4 or 5 tracks and it sounded perfect for the song. I had never thought of putting a slide guitar on the song but once he played, it sounded perfect. Magic. I called my brother and told him that his treasure from the trash was being put to good use. He was thrilled.

I then called my friends Bill Champlin and Delbi Smart and asked them to sing some background vocals. They really got into it and sang about 10 tracks. I asked them to do a waa waa waa waa at the very end and they obliged and laughed it up. Perfect ending for the song. Bill then added a very cool organ track and solo. It worked really well with the steel guitar and other guitars. This song was finished. I was blown away. It was a bit of a challenge to mix it because of all the tracks, but I think it came out all right. Hope you like it too.

So, for all of you's you're theme song.. and you don't need nuthin to whine about to enjoy it.

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