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Time Management in the Age of Speed CD

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Personal productivity has changed very little in the past 20 years in spite of technology. The net result of technology has been to speed up the pace of life. We are working faster, driving faster, communicating faster, eating faster--in short, living faster. The time savings gained by technology have been offset by increases in complexity, choices, interruptions, expectations, stress, delays, and errors. Our bodies are not designed to operate at warp speed and we are faced with a variety of ailments to the point that getting well has become another time consumer. We are living longer but remembering less of it. In this fast-paced environment, many traditional strategies are losing their impact or simply no longer work. Many time-management leaders continue to play by the same old rules using the same old strategies. As a result, more and more people are spinning out of control. In this advanced time-management program, Harold Taylor will review how times have changed during the 30 years that he has been involved in the field of time management. He will tell you what still works and what doesn't, where technology helps, and where it hinders, and share some strategies in tune with the times.

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